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Gods Hands in Malawi

Hi Friends,

I have sent this message to encourage you of the Awesome Hand of God in our Malawi work. As you know we have a lot of street kids who beg in town. Most of these kids come from broken homes, have single parents and are very poor. Just over 2 months ago I approached one of the main kids who is the "boss" of all the little kids. He himself is about 10 years old. His name is Medison, and he lives with his mother and 5 other siblings. No father around. His mother can’t afford schooling for her kids so she sends them out to beg for food instead. Medison at his poor town, where he lives.

Medison at his poor town, where he lives.

One day I took Medison to have a meal at a local restaurant with his friends. As I ministered to them, I asked them if we paid for their schooling, books and helped their mothers, would they promise to stay at school? All of them with a cheerful smile and joyous spirit said of course we would, it’s every kids dream to go to school. Unfortunately our parents are poor so we can’t go to school. Angela and I decided to do a trial with the leader of them, as we believe if you can break through their leader then all the others will follow. Fast forward 2 months later.

Yesterday Lumbani, Dali and I went to visit Medison, to see his progress. We were so happy with the results:

1) Medison is doing great in school. The Teacher said he is so smart and his grades are great. 2) He has not been on the streets since and has no intention of going back. 3) His school bag, books, and pencils are all there and have not been sold. As well as his school uniform we bought him. 4) His mothers fruit business, we helped with, is going well and she is paying her rent and feeding all the kids. Their monthly expenses are sustainable now, Thanks to the fruit she sells in the markets. 5) We prayed and in their house God is so Good! They were all happy and smiling.

Medison in his school uniform, looking sharp with Martin.

Now Medison is working with us, telling us who and which kids really need help. He appreciates what we are doing and wants to see the kids off the street and in school. Glory be to His Mighty Name!

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