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Bumped by God

After the airport shock, I was able to go to the airport and talk to the Ethiopian Airlines representative again. The first thing I asked her was, “How many people do you have to bump today?” She looked at me as if preparing herself for the onslaught of verbal abuse she might receive. I said, “I have good news... why don’t you bump me?” She looked at me with a confused look. I had talked with her the previous day during the rescheduling of my flight and had discovered we were fellow believers. I told her that God had additional things I needed to do before I left. She was joyful to help, and I even got a $150.00 dollar voucher out of the deal. Now, I’ll be able to spend my first Christmas with my African family. It will be wonderful to share shoes, Bibles, and love with the villagers.

While I was at the airport, I tried to get myself another rental vehicle through Avis, the same place that had charged me $2200 for an accident that wasn’t my fault. I think the worker felt sorry about that, so he recommended someplace else where we could rent a vehicle cheaper. Apparently, I will now be driving a bus around, but luckily they will actually provide a driver with the vehicle for a lower price than just renting the vehicle. This comes as no surprise, since driving is quite treacherous in Malawi. We’ll probably be able to pack twelve or more people into the bus, from what I’ve seen. Since I’ll be regularly delivering Christmas gifts, Bibles, and other supplies, this vehicle seemed to make a lot of sense.

Now back at Annie’s Lodge, I was assigned the same room that Josh had before. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing at Pastor Joe’s church, so I’m asking the Holy Spirit to give me the ability to teach. I feel at peace knowing that God is in control. Tony, Rhoda, and I had an awesome time together planning the upcoming week, and the future is bright with these two.

We are planning a special Christmas in the most destitute village. Rhoda expressed how worried she felt that these children had no shoes, so on Monday we will conference with the chief to get the total number of children and prepare a gift for them. We will also be handing out Bibles to the adults, so these events will require our effort for now. After meeting with Tony and Rhoda, God’s supernatural character has been revealed once again.

Drums for Praise & Worship Time

My family and I do not typically celebrate Christmas how the world does. We reflect on the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. According to my research, Jesus was born in September, not December; however, every day of the year can be a celebration for the King of Kings and the Lord of lords. My anticipation for this Christmas is one of wonder and joy. I am not sure how God’s provision will be fully manifested in this situation, but I have faith to believe that it will be spectacular.

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