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Echo Love Uganda

Hey Friends,

We want to Share with you the Good news that Echo Love is now operating in Uganda! Praise Jesus for the Opportunity we have to Share Jesus in Uganda & help people to know Jesus. Isn’t it amazing that we are able to see the work of God expand even in seasons such as covid where we see things close down, and a lot brought to a stand still!

I like this prayer Jabez prayed and personally think it’s good to ask the Lord for growth (especially when it’s about His Name been Glorified and expanded to other nations), 1Chronicles 4: 10 Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.

The team at echo can attest to this next statement: GOD is on the move, He is looking for those who want to be used by Him to take His Name to corners, streets, highways & byways, to chase down the lost souls and just love on them. So That God can set them free from bondage & spiritual blindness. We serve a Loving God who wants all His children to come back to Him.

It’s So cool & different the way He opened the door to Uganda. I came home from doing street ministry ( in New Zealand ) one afternoon in September 2021. I hardly watch TV, but that day it was 5 pm and I switched it on and a show called Al Jazeera was just about to start showing a documentary about a woman in Uganda who was put in Jail, on death row, for something she didn’t do. This caught my attention, so Angela (my wife) and I watched it.

This woman, named Susan, was attacked in her home and she survived a machete attack on her neck, but her boyfriend was killed. She was put in prison and accused of his murder. In short, she basically became a Christian in prison, and a Lawyer! She managed, by the Grace of God to be set free after 16 years, and now has a Children’s centre caring for kids who have parents in Jail. I’m not doing this story any justice, it’s much deeper and can assure you the story will touch you - if you want to watch it please go to YouTube & type: Ugandas Lady Justice|Witness

After watching this documentary we were in tears and felt to contact Susan. We searched on the internet and we found her after 2 days. She didn’t know anything about us, she didn’t know anything about Echo. We just prayed for her.

She was still in shock with the call, and also she said that the documentary they made about her was 3 years old! So at that moment we knew the Lord Had us watch it for a reason. She also asked if we could pray about God opening doors for her with getting pastors & elders trained and setting up a education centre for people. Which is amazing as that’s exactly what Echo does. We didn’t say nothing to Susan. We just prayed and left it at that.

Chris & Heidi were informed and began to pray about it and after a time we all had peace for my family to go there in November 2021 and see what God would do. It’s been almost 5 months now and we are happy to report , that Susan and her lovely husband Joseph are running Echo Love Uganda. We have set up a Pastoral Training & Youth Discipleship centre where Joseph does the teaching!

God Has Also blessed us with Land to start building a children’s centre to help up To 200 kids who have parents in prison or are orphaned. We also have been helping with surgeries and treatments on children and adults who have tumours & cancers. They were so happy when they get the help and appreciative to Jesus.

We recently had a crusade in an area where they killed a local Ugandan for leading 6 muslims to the Lord. We read it in a local newspaper & felt God ask us what are we going to do to help the widow & kids left behind from that man. So we Prayed , and God put us in contact with some people and before you know it, we are on a plane with Mission Aviation Fellowship and Africa inland Mission to this place called Palissa. We found the widow and helped her move locations as the radical muslims from this place had tried to kill her too, and her children. After a few weeks we felt to go back to conduct a crusade for the muslims to hear the Gospel. It was great. Thank you Jesus for the turn out and so many souls coming to know Jesus.

You see friends, God speaks in many ways, He could use a donkey, a TV , a newspaper or a person. Or maybe He will speak to you directly & you will know it’s Him! Be alert & attentive to Him ( Isaiah 28:23 23

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say.)

This is a encouragement to you friends So you & I don’t miss that precious voice who is calling you/us for service. Welcome to the EchoLove family Uganda. So many testimonies already coming out of this country and will update you all another time.


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