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Pastor Mentorship Program

Training today, started with sharing an experience of how each one applied the lessons they received last time we had class. It was amazing to hear how churches are being transformed!

Some pastors testified that upon returning to their church, they had an opportunity to teach on the danger of demonic objects as it is one of the topics that challenged them strongly. They testified seeing people destroying demonic objects and said some of their members were doing it secretly. But upon hearing the bible teaching they confessed what they had been doing secretly. Pastors also testified that their prayer life has been totally transformed. They confessed that at first when they came they found it difficult pray openly as they wanted to see how strong the prayers were and especially to note that we were able to take them long in prayer and more frequently. After some days with us something began to happen and their prayer life was transformed!

Men from the Pastors Mentorship Program

When they got back to their churches they kept practicing their new prayer life and began to take their members in the same direction. Churches are embracing the spirit of prayer now. One pastor testified that he had applied the teaching and now there is revival breaking out in his area. We have received so many testimonies which are awesome fruits of that first session. Pray that God continues to do amazing things with these Pastors and bring great impact in their communities. Please lift us and the pastors we have before the throne of God to pour things into us. Though we look like young men, we are their hope and are teaching them, expecting great things!

Watch this short video of an interview with a local Pastor and the impact the Pastor Mentorship Program has had in his own life.

Topics we train on in week one are: Developing an Effective Devotional Life

Soul Winning for Jesus Christ We continue to present life transforming Topics. Pastor Jeff, Bishop Cornelius and I are strengthening one another to stand in this race to see God raising Mighty Warriors. Reporting from Malawi, Pastor Joe Kachale ECHO AFRICA-MISSION HOUSE

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