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Pastor Mentorship Program

Yesterday, we had a glorious moment in the Lord. Pastor Jeff started the day by continuing the Topic of "Soul Winning". After the tea break l came in with the topic of "The Pastors Prayer Life" and "The Power of the Bible". Everyone was challenged and understand that they can only get the power of God by prayer. In the Afternoon, Tony continued with the Basic Leadership Training. The Holy Spirit was all over the room after the Bishop shared on getting "Clothed with power of the Holy Spirit". Every pastor was filled and drunk with the mighty presence of God. God did not stop there and our team remained sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit. Today Friday, Revival broke out in the room and pastors were faced with a mighty storm of His presence ... an extraordinary presence of God coming upon the servants of God equipping them for his work.

One pastor was attacked magically a long time ago. What happened to him was that he felt as if an insect entered his ear. He tried to visit the hospital and they tried all they could but nothing changed. He has tried meeting other pastors for deliverance but nothing worked. This made him feel a strong, sharp pain in his head and everyday he was making sure that he has a pain killer where ever he is just to ease the pain. This has been his life. Today, when the presence of God had fallen on the people, the pastors in one accord trusted God. As we were led by Bishop Cornelius we conducted an intense deliverance session with this pastor.

As we prayed, something began to happen. He began to experience pressure in the ear as if there is a wind trying to come out. He felt something shifting strongly and then some fluids began coming out of his ear. That was his release and Glory to Jesus Christ the pain is Gone!! We have moved upwards and the presence of God responded mightily during this first trip. Things have happened amazingly! Reporting from the Mission house, Pastor Joe Kachale ECHOAFRICA MALAWI

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