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Gods Hands In Honduras Pt2

The Continuing Story

I still can't believe that today I will be leaving a place that has become a second home to me. Honduras, specifically San Pedro Sula, is where a piece of my heart shall always stay. Through my nearly two-month stay here with a missionary family, I have learned more about faith in God, friendships, evangelism, and generosity more than I ever thought I would. The time I have been here has been jam-packed with smiles, hugs, fabulous worship sessions, thoughtful lessons, and powerful prayer. One thing I know for sure is that there is a divine force surging through a group of believers whose hearts are in adoration and servitude to The Lord.

The experiences I have enjoyed serving here were abundant, and in each ministry site God has taught me, to be more acceptant, patient, loving, and open. I have also grown closer to the people around me because I have had a surrendered heart, and I want to see God’s will done on earth just as it is in heaven. I can say with confidence that I see a glimpse of heaven each day in these people; rather it be the children of the Bordo, their families, our mission team, or people I have never met that smile at me. From this summer in Honduras with people that are true vessels of the Holy Spirit, I am given hope, and I know that the children of the Bordo also have hope, because they have Jesus.

One misconception many people may have about missionaries is that their purpose is to just to “help” a “broken” or “hopeless” group of people. Although this is a part of missions, this is not the main focus. Sparrow Mission Statement includes education, as well as discipleship for the people of Honduras. Education equips them to seek employment, therefore being able to provide for themselves. Also, we have witnessed first hand that through education, a person’s desire to have faith in God increases. With that being said, spiritual enrichment is the priority, and as we pour into these people, they are also pouring into us. Every day I interact with the children of the Bordo community we partner with, I am amazed by their sincere, overflowing love, and generosity. It does not matter if they have seen a person twice, or twenty times, they will still run up, tackle them with a hug, and treat them just like family. From this picture of acceptance, joy, and friendship, we see that having “childlike faith” is actually a compliment. Imagine if everyone on earth was just as accepting and tender-hearted as these children. Planet Earth would certainly be a different place. In reality, they have taught me more than I have taught them. Although it is likely helpful for us to share Bible verses, stories, and testimonies, and their relevance to our relationship with God, the Jesus joy of these children shines bright above all.

Their love and acceptance is so immense that it has a gravitational pull. I was excited to spend time with them, and their radiance has shown me why, most importantly, we must love people because God first loved us. Because of them, The Lord has grown me to be more loving. I have grown close with the Sparrow 504 team and leaders, and I am glad to say that they are extended family to me. Six college students from different states + two families = a beautiful masterpiece of God’s Hands. I will look back on this time as a season of growth and community. I have learned more about true Evangelism and what it means to share the Gospel. Different people will relate to different aspects of salvation. For example, a person may relate to repentance if they feel worthless from a past of terrible sins. Another person may be drawn towards the welcoming love of our Father God if they did not grow up with a father figure. Even more, people will relate to the hope offered by following Jesus, even if their life seems bleak. God meets us wherever we are, and we just need to sincerely repent for what we have done against God, believe that Jesus Christ died for us, accept His love, and live a life changed by salvation. A life surrendered to Christ is priceless, and worth more than gold. With the power of the Holy Spirit within us, The Lord works in mighty ways! This is everything my life is about. Because I have given up my life to Christ, sharing the Gospel is my priority. Wherever that may be, I am joyful for the adventures He has for me. I am not sure if, or where God may call me to long term missions, but there is one thing I know for sure: He is not done working through me in Honduras.

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