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Update 22 - Understanding God's Missions 2018: 3.0

We are traveling on a journey together of epic proportions. As you have noticed, the words that I have spoken have become more direct and bold in nature. The primary reason for that is because I have been having impressions upon my awareness of the same magnitude. Several of us are stepping into uncharted territory as obedient soldiers to the Most High. The reality of why all this is happening is beginning to solidify in my spirit. What once was a mixture of interactions swirling around amongst one another is beginning to take form and become something recognizable. It is time for all of the talk, contemplation, free-flowing opinions, right fighting, exaggeration, justification, and all the other distractions that this world offers to stop.

Yahweh is directing all of His followers to do what the Bible tells us to do. We have just come up with every reason under the sun not to do so. Echo, which constitutes the body of Christ, is making a sincere attempt to operate as God intended. There is nothing special about any of us that would somehow elevate our possibility of success above anyone else. This is something however we are desperately trying to achieve, operating as one accord under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Much of the world has spent countless hours debating every possible issue of the Bible. Thousands and thousands of hours of wasted time watching YouTube videos to support your own paradigm so you can justify your lifestyle. Yeshua Hamashia, Jesus Christ, the Master, has no need for any of this. He is looking for faithful soldiers that will do as they are instructed.

I am not seeking any praise for us or trying to point a finger at what we are doing. View this more as an experiment; a group of people that are going to give it their very best effort to live out what Jesus requires of us. There will be failures and missteps on our parts. Time will tell if we have been good and faithful servants or not. God insists that I would be more intentional in how I talk about this. When I mentioned in the last report about faith to move mountains, I was not joking. This week, we experienced something of that caliber. There has been a remarkable chain of events that has transpired in the last few days. A YouTube channel called Bullet of Truth was something I had explored nearly a year ago. Last fall, I had reached out and contacted Jonathan, the proprietor of the channel.

Many of the videos that he had posted were quite informative and useful for me. At a

certain point, everything took on a different feel. The joy of the Lord was no longer in Jonathan’s presentations. He had become embroiled in a confrontation that stole his joy and the ability to demonstrate the love of Jesus in all situations. I felt prompted in my spirit at that time to reach out to him and discuss this. I wish I could report that I was obedient to this prompting, but I was not. The interesting thing is that I have not talked with Jonathan since last fall. He is from South Africa and many things have happened since we talked with him last. Every conversation and situation that comes my way, I scrutinize as to what the Master is showing me. The reality is that practically everyone plays an important part in what is being unfolded.

Our conversation resumed after he contacted me. I told him to go to the blog and see

how the Holy Spirit led him. After reading many of the posts, he reported that he fell on his knees and prayed extensively. Tears began to flow as he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit nudging him. A fire that had been waning had once again been kindled by the Holy Spirit. Yahweh wants the story to be told. Somehow, I believe Jonathan is to be part of it. How ironic is the fact that he lives in South Africa and God is moving all over the place establishing pastor training and Bible distribution. For sure I can see a direct connection with him helping record the story that is unfolding. There are characteristics about Jonathan that I identify with. We are both strongly opposed to any type of deception. We both hope to be found worthy to give our lives for Jesus if necessary. That may sound silly and ridiculous to some, but just remember, there are people being persecuted and killed right now, just for claiming their belief in Yeshua, Jesus!

I detected a change in him the very next time we spoke. His countenance seemed elevated, and there was greater peace within him. Jonathan will be traveling to Malawi in September. He needs to experience firsthand what God is doing there, much the way Martin came to the awareness that the Almighty is up to something quite unique. For me, I feel assured to realize that God is filling in the ranks with the specialists that we need. These specialists will act as leaders in their own specific area of giftedness. We are all aware of the fact that these gifts are on loan. If we choose not to use them for the glory of Yeshua, we could be removed from our position.

Jonathan will be traveling to Malawi to meet me and the rest of the team. I trust in the Lord’s confirmation for exactly what his role will be. His commitment to be all in for Jesus and forsaking all things is admirable. If we are unwilling to do this, we would never get the opportunity that the Lord has planned for us. God has put some of the American team on a fast-track learning path. Time is short, and The Lord has been teaching me to go into the secret places to more deeply seek Him. If we are unable or unwilling to hear the Master’s, voice we will miss some fantastic opportunities to be in His will. I am not calling anyone’s eternal destination into question here, since that is the decision of Jesus alone. Willful sin and blatant disobedience to what the Scripture says is rampant and undeniable. One area that is astoundingly huge, no pun intended, is gluttony. This ongoing sin is refusal to obey the Holy Spirit. I have fallen short in this area most of my life. When the Lord revealed to me in His word that gluttony was the a second offense of Sodom, it became much more serious to me.

I have been far too lax in my understanding of what grieves the Holy Spirit. The words that are put forth concerning this in the Scriptures should be foundationally known and performed by any born-again professing Christian. We open ourselves up to deception from the enemy when we continue to grieve the Holy Spirit with our actions. Ephesians 4;29-32 NKJV; Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God and Christ forgave you.

Forgive me for not keeping up with the blog post as I should. The rapid succession of spiritual understanding and our growth in loving others has totally occupied my time. The Lord wants me to continually be on call to assist my fellow believers. There is considerably more clarity in where God is leading us, and what our responsibility is in His plan. Only by His mighty power would it be possible to be operating in five countries in less than a year. He is revealing incredible things yet to come, but only will be spoken of when the Almighty wants it to be known.

When Martin came into the picture, I knew right away that he would play a significant role in the Echo organization; much much greater than he could even fathom. The Lord did not want me to reveal the fullness of his appointment. This would be something that God would reveal to him on his own. A few days ago, Martin reported how Tony and the team are referring to him and his wife as their spiritual mother and father. Now he knows that God has established his leadership position, and it was not done by a man. I had told him that I was not to speak of it, and that he would come to the realization by God’s hand. Only six weeks have gone by since we met Martin. To me, it feels like six years. I can honestly say with great joy in my heart, that he will be a far better leader than me. God has made it obvious that he will identify people to me, and then I must delegate certain tasks and roles to the identified people. This is a great way to keep a recovering pride-o-holic in check.

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