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Update 29 - Understanding God's Missions 2018: 3.0

My engineering background has always led me down a path of analytical logic. In my understanding of Scripture, it is not helpful. Jesus instructs us in all four Gospels that if we do not come as little children, it is impossible to enter God’s kingdom. As my relationship with Jesus continues to grow, I have realized that approaching the word as a child is much more productive. So rather than getting in debates with people about hot topics, I simply take the balanced approach. What I mean by that is the old way of measuring. Two hanging baskets opposite each other. Put a specified weight on one side and then fill the other side with goods to approximate that weight. If I took a balance scale with nothing on either side, the baskets would be set at the same height as the scale is balanced.

Suppose that every Bible verse approving us to do something represented a green block and every Scripture taught us not to do something represented a red block. Simply fill the scale up and see which side has the most weight. The reason why I give this example is because a situation came up that had very different opinions on what Scripture said. Rather than debating the specific issue, I thought it could be more impactful to debate how it may affect others. However because of the unfolding situations, the opportunity to communicate to the level I felt the Holy Spirit was directing, was not possible. The people involved could be in a dangerous situation. In fact false charges were made that could expose an incident unnecessarily.

I must respect and protect those that are in a potentially dangerous situation. Their choices and understanding of Scripture are different than mine. That is as far as I will say. If they read this, I am going to list some scriptures I would like them to review. Proverbs 3:5-6, 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15, Romans 16:17-18, Matthew 18:6-8, Romans 14:21,1 Corinthians 14:37-38, Philippians 3:8, Matthew 18:15-17, Titus 2:11-15, 1 Corinthians 5:11, Hebrews 10:26-39,1 Corinthians 5:5 . Due to our different views on what Scripture has stated, I felt strongly about prohibiting them from participating in the teaching of pastors. This could have been devastating for what God had intended for Echo to do, especially in a country such as Kenya. I would have thought that the ramifications of such choices were more carefully considered.

I love these people and I had a very strong feeling about working with them. Someday, it still may occur. Their understanding will be corrected at some point as God’s Word penetrates their heart. I encourage them to do the balance test, and it becomes very childlike to evaluate the results. That is exactly how Jesus wants us to do it. There is a reason that the Bible continually tells us to die to the flesh, pick up our cross. If there is even a remote chance that something could affect our walk with Jesus we should turn from it as quick as possible. Not only that, anything that may cause someone to stumble is prohibited. Paul on at least two occasions directly said that the words that he speaks are not his but from the Lord himself. That alone makes it undeniable and a command from Jesus directly.

Due to the fact that the situation would have gone unabated for a few months would have been devastating for Echo. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus for keeping me in Kenya to be obedient to your prompting. Not only that, but later on, the most despicable husband and wife were revealed for their evil behavior before the Lord. Even with documentation verifying all the facts, they continue to lie and deceive as if there were no records. They were given many opportunities to turn from their evil ways but have chosen to continue in deception. We diligently tried to pursue a resolution by Biblical standards, but they wanted no part of it. On top of that, they filed a false report to get me kicked out of country. There are many factors that they are unaware of and will be quite surprised when they find out. I begged them to do what was right and help heal a devastated community. I have never seen so much animosity, backbiting, underhanded behavior, and selfishness, I could list another 20 words and it still would not adequately explain the reality of the situation.

I will explain the situation more in a future report. I do want to mention that we went to the house of the gentleman that received a $12,000 loan to start a business to help a school and a church. Unfortunately most of that was fabricated. He had taken nearly half the money to buy a car and build a little shelter to cover it. The car was not there, but we got a picture of the shelter. We saw David’s mother and a couple other young men. Apparently it is common practice to take missionaries to false houses, orphanages, or schools that they really are not even associated with. I would say over 90% of all money sent into Kenya is ripped off for personal use. America and other Western nations need to wake up and stop sending funds. They are perpetuating a massive problem of manipulation and deception.

Car Shelter

Jesus directed me how to handle the situation with love and kindness. I prayed with the mother and the young men and told them I want to see them in heaven. Eventually he showed up at the orphanage and wanted to speak with me. God had laid it on my heart for him to make a promise to return the car so it could be sold to buy Bibles. Not to promise me, but to promise God. He reluctantly did and said he would return the car in a couple of days. I told him to be very careful not to be disobedient. I pray that he would do what was right and honor his word. Unfortunately it was not in his heart to do so. The following day he got beaten up pretty badly. He was out drinking going from bar to bar. Some young men jumped him and stole what he had. He came to see me bloody with eyes swollen shut. I was saddened for him and prayed for God’s mercy. In my spirit, I felt as though it was the cost for him not taking his words seriously before the Lord. I begged him to return the car as he had promised God he would do.

When he had come to see me, he had brought three young men with him. They got out of the car rather quickly and approached me in an aggressive manner. The first thing I said to them was “Jesus loves you.” They did not know quite how to take that. I asked them if they believed in Jesus, and they said they did. I said that I hoped to see them in heaven someday. They were not very sure of themselves. I told them that it concerned me and I asked if I could pray with them. We all held hands which really surprised me that they would do such a thing. The power of the Holy Spirit was present and I knew they were aware of it. When we got done praying I asked them, “Did you feel that?” They all said yes. I said “That is Jesus, and He loves you.” Briefly looking at one another stunned,they all got back in their vehicle and drove away.

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