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Update 33 - Understanding God's Missions 2019: 3.1

Nearly 2 months have passed by since my last report. So many things have happened I am still trying to understand and process. The trip to Kenya revealed many things, unfortunately most of them not good. I did return there for a few days on my way to Malawi and the spiritual warfare was intense. I had some dreams concerning some of the people there and I am fearful for them. God has made it clear to me that He will deal with the many deceitful and sinful acts that we encountered. He had me ask forgiveness for using His word as a fleshly weapon which was wrong. After I was obedient to His prompting then it was revealed to me that whatever consequences took place would be by His might and power. I had a strong sense that He was trying to protect me and didn’t want me to carry any burden concerning His will. I have been diligently praying for God to grant me the spirit of wisdom and revelation. Unbelievable situations and circumstances have revealed many things to us.

What I have perceived in myself and with many of those around me back in America is that we are incredibly far from the truth and extremely childish in the eyes of the Lord. So many things we casually talk about and put down numerous churches, leaders, people, it is an extreme abomination to the Lord. Jesus gave me a very understandable revelation about how He views His bride. You would never go to the groom on the wedding day and say it’s too bad she has all those warts. Or she would look a lot better if she wasn’t a few hundred pounds overweight. Plus any other numerous judgments that we do in a casual way on a daily basis. How is it that we all think we are experts and know how to correctly judge another. We are to restore and encourage one another. This is just one of the many pitfalls the enemy plants before us.

The inability to work together as a body of believers is rampant around the world. Especially in Western culture. People will bail from a difficult situation because they don’t feel good. The walk with Christ is not about feeling good. We will never become more like Him if we don’t encounter difficulties as He did. I was involved with a group of people that were scared to do a Bible study on Revelation. The day and the hour that we are living must lead us to the realization that spiritual warfare is real and we better be prepared. Turning our backs on certain spiritual truths does not make them disappear. Anything and everything that we can do to become a more suitable servant for Jesus should be our mandate. Separating ourselves from one another because of some silly offense or disagreement is ludicrous. The power of the Holy Spirit in these last days will not be revealed to those groups that cannot operate as a functioning body of Christ. If love and peace do not reign supreme regardless of the situation you’re in, you are falling short.

I can boldly speak these words because I have failed in these areas countless times. But the day and the hour that we are in is severely limiting us to the do over opportunities. Four months ago the Holy Spirit released me to be able to speak these words. I will be a serpent crusher by the power of Jesus Christ. Luke 10;19 Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. This phrase made me tremble a bit the first few times I said it. If we dare speak this in fear or lack of faith there will be untold consequences. Our world has suffered significant destruction because the sons and daughters of God have not taken there responsibilities seriously or completely or whatever other answers you want to say. Now my spiritual eyes are truly being opened. A more complete picture is being formed between my inner man guided by the Holy Spirit. Now the alignment with the spiritual being and my physical awareness in this dimension is taking on a totally different understanding.

The many times that I have written with what I thought were important insights now seem like child’s play. For nearly 60 years the thought of people speaking in tongues or spiritual language was foreign to me. A month or so ago I was praying early in the morning and I asked God if there is anything restraining me from becoming what You want me to be please help me. I began to speak in a unknown language and it seemed to have a large vocabulary. Now that I look back on it was quite humorous the numerous test and verification methods that I exercised to check validity. I will discuss all this in more detail in the next report.

The Lord is revealing the truth of what is going on in Kenya. Those that claim to be of the house of the Lord but living immoral sexual lifestyles will come to the realization that God’s word is God’s word. The stupidity that the creation thinks it has the right to tell the Creator what the specifications are for His creation is silly. Those that claim to be his servants but steal from Him will be held accountable. The days of God being mocked are coming to a close. The remnant that understand the importance of obedience and surrender will be walking a different path. The true warriors of the Lord are about to be revealed. They will be wearing the mantle of humility. They will be operated in the fullness of the gifts. They will be part of the great harvest in these last days. I don’t know if I qualify but my heart’s desire is to be part of this remnant group.

The Lord has provided provisions for the orphanage in Kenya. They have been doing a lot of painting and fixing up. Unfortunately the Lord has restricted me from being involved with Kenya anymore at the current time. He will let us know when and if we should return. The actions of a few has caused loss to many. Greed and selfishness both in lifestyle and financial gain have created the situation. My prayer is that their eyes would be opened and they all could be restored to proper standing before the Lord. I will include some pictures of the progress at the orphanage.

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