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Update 34 - Understanding God's Missions 2019: 3.1

I’m going to back up just a little bit to explain to you how some of these next situations occurred. About eight days before I went to Kenya a YouTube preacher came across my feed that I had never seen before. My wife and I were getting ready to leave and we only caught about five minutes of him speaking. Both of us were quite blessed by the giftedness that this gentleman displayed. His ability to speak very knowledgeable on Scripture and connect a constant chain of God’s word together to illustrate his points was phenomenal. I really didn’t catch his name or where he was from. When I returned home I eagerly searched for him but could not find him. For whatever reason it did not show up in my history. In this day and age it’s rare to find someone that will use 20 or 30 scriptures during the delivery of the message. On top of that they were not twisted to make any point other than what the word said.

For about three days I looked around trying to reconnect with this preacher/teacher. Praise the Lord it popped back up on my feed again. For the remaining five days before I went to Kenya I scoured over many of his messages. In my personal opinion this is probably the best teaching I have ever run across. The church is called, Shekinah worship center, in Lancaster California. Two days before I went to Kenya I felt a prompting to purchase two tickets for my wife and I go to California. For some reason I also believed we were to be there for 11 days. This all seemed very extreme and random to my wife but she too was compelled by the teaching. Little did we know until we got there what God really had in store. We got there on a Thursday which happened to be there prayer night. We were able to meet Pastor Joe Sweet and his wife Melinda. In fact they were gracious enough to have lunch with us and they even paid for the meal. I’m sure they have heard this many many times. But they are very sweet people and their last name happens to be Sweet.

My wife and I found ourselves in an environment where we were hearing many stories of people having encounters with Jesus, angels, prophets of old and many other supernatural events. Certainly our level of skepticism was high, however as events began to unfold it became abundantly clear why we were there. Keep in mind I had no idea why we were supposed be out there for the time that we were. The very first night we were there we saw the church calendar of events. The following week there was a School of prophets being held by Jesus ministries at that very church. It happened to coincide with the length of time we were there. Now we were able to understand the prompting to go out there. But there was a catch, it was by invitation only after filling out an application. On top of that Jesus ministries was only less than a mile from the church. Praise the Lord. We got accepted into the SOP.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is the head of this organization, Jesus ministries, and lead Prophet. I have never really followed any prophets and did not have much exposure to him. Shekinah worship center has hosted many conferences that he was a part of. So I had caught a few of his messages but really had not formed an opinion concerning him. After being under his teaching for seven days in a row it became abundantly clear that he was a true prophet in my own estimation. I encourage everyone to make your own assessment, compare what he says to the word of God and see what the Holy Spirit is telling you.

What was so astounding about the experience was that many of the things that they had talked about my wife and I had experienced in the last six months. I had thought that I understood what being all in and totally committed to Jesus meant. Boy was I really wrong. My understanding was not even remotely close to what our responsibility as sons and daughters of God really means. Romans 8;19 NKJV, For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. There is so much more to this that I never realized. The weakness of the church as a whole is because of lack of understanding. I could go into lengthy detail to prove my point. The problem with that is most of it is so unbelievable you probably wouldn’t believe it.

I will mention a few things but that’s it. We had lunch with some elders of the church and the gentleman was a 30 year veteran of the LA Police Department. He shared with us that it was very common for him to see Angels and gave us detailed descriptions of things that happened. Every story that I listen to I felt peace and ease in my spirit. The only conclusion I can draw is the stories were true. One other remarkable thing is God gave me the ability to speak a spiritual language. I know this will sound strange to those that have not experienced it, but it comes from another place within me separate from my mind and intellect. My inner spirit is communicating with God on a supernatural level. I find myself to be able to think and read and be distracted in this realm and continue to speak in this supernatural language. I actually tested myself to see if I can comprehend reading while speaking. I could, but when I spoke English and tried to do the same thing I couldn't.

Another interesting aspect is that this supernatural language could continue on for hours. It seems to run inside of my being, almost continually. Sometimes it’ll speed up so fast it becomes a hum. The sense that I have is that there is a certain frequency that allows spiritual communication, thousands of times faster than verbally possible. Since this gift has been in place things are rapidly changing. When my wife and I got back from the SOP we fasted for 21 days. It was a remarkable time of training and insight that the Lord orchestrated almost like a private tutoring session. Much of the understanding that I thought I had has been drastically altered. I feel like a fool where I thought I was, compared to what my understanding is now.

Pastor Joe Sweet had given a message about a dream he had. In that dream he was in a large auditorium. People were walking around and they were hungry but really didn’t even know it. There was no food to be found anywhere. Pastor Joe found a stairway leading to the upper level in the auditorium. He looked up the stairway and up near the top was a large room filled with all kinds of food, desserts and delicacies. There was only one problem, one of the steps was about 5 feet. All the ones leading up to it were normal steps and all the ones after it were normal steps. Understanding how to navigate that 5 foot step is imperative for us to become sons and daughters of the most high. Joint heirs to the throne. Rulers that reigned with Christ forever. And all the other promises that the word gives us. I won’t talk about how this happens, but we will do our best to show you. God’s Echo is expanding very quickly. Because of His supernatural presence this is possible. All praise and honor and glory to the King of Kings and Lord of lords, Amen.

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