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Update 43 - Understanding God's Missions 2019: 3.1

I am continually amazed at what the Lord Jesus has been revealing to us. Love, love, love, love, love, I could go on and on and on. This is the least understood, the least fulfilled, the least obeyed, least recognizable, least demonstrated aspect of the Lord Jesus in our lives that almost all of us fall way short. I want to make it very clear I include myself in this category also. My awareness of the depth of love that the Lord Jesus demonstrated is becoming more understood. Through this awareness, I realize how incompetent we can be in loving others. I have been reading a book called , Secrets of a Prayer Warrior , by Derek Prince. This man has several excellent teachings. There is one area that has stuck with me and is particularly powerful. That is the unbridled cursing that many Christians participate in against one another.

When we think a certain person should just read this Scripture, watch this video, start acting this way, or any advice we think we have the right to give, we have put ourselves in the position of knowing God’s will for that person’s development. If our intention is to share something that we found interesting to get others’ opinions, we need to make sure we clearly state our intention. Now if we have ever thought or spoken of such things like “I wish our pastor would quit,” or “They do not deserve to be in this position,” or whatever other curses you are spewing, please STOP IT. Discord = disharmony = division = destruction = discontinued favor of God.

This is what God has shown me the last few weeks. We must be very careful whenever we talk about someone else who is not present. Talking negatively about them with a judgemental attitude should be strictly forbidden. If this is a gossip situation it should have never happened anyway. If however everyone involved in the conversation is part of the situation, only bare facts should be mentioned. At that point immediate prayer should take place for God’s will to be unfolded in the situation concerning everyone. For us to try to twist God’s arm to get a person or situation to conform to our desire is foolish. Anytime that we feel God would automatically “side with” our wishes just shows the level of immaturity we have. Isaiah 55;8-9 NKJV, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, or your ways my ways”, says the Lord For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Martin will begin reporting the ongoing activities wherever he serves. As international director, he will have his hand on the pulse of Echo Worldwide. The Lord Jesus is opening up opportunities quickly and by faith my sense tells me this is happening because time is short. Because of where we are in history, it is important to take opportunities that are offered to us each day to win the lost. We do not want to be a coward Christian who is not granted access to the Kingdom. If you think I am over-exaggerating, I suggest you carefully read Revelation 21;8 . Your boldness or lack of confidence in The Lord could put you in an eternal destiny that is shockingly different than what you anticipated. So many people today are counting on the words that are spoken by human authority instead of seeking the words that were spoken to them by Divine Authority. READ YOUR BIBLE!

My family and I were blessed with an opportunity to go to Honduras for a week. Knowing full and well that God has me on duty wherever I go, this was no exception. Victor and Wendy are two members of the Body of Christ who are responsible for the care and operation of Kingdom House in Honduras. This connection was ordained by God, as we had no previous knowledge of these people. Only by chance did we end up coming into contact with them. The house where we had been intending to stay was booked, so their facility was recommended. The home was beautiful and well appointed far beyond our expectations. However, getting to know Wendy and Victor was the real treat.

Victor’s story is nothing but astounding. The redemptive power of our Lord Jesus was exemplified magnificently in a fallen life. God transformed his seventeen years of street life which included gang leader, drug addict and a self-centered godless existence. He was in gun battles were everyone around them died, yet he was left unscathed. Victor is writing a book which I am sure will prove to be very interesting. His wife Wendy was gifted with an amazing power of loyalty and patience even through five years of Victor being in prison. Knowing how God positions situations for His will to unfold, it came as no surprise that Victor was involved in pastor training. On top of that, he has been praying for an opportunity in Pakistan. Echo already has a training facility operational there. The Lord is blessing it with massive opportunities. In fact we are even considering opening another center in Pakistan.

Martin was brought into the situation in Africa because he was far more suited for the challenges. I can see that Victor is far more suited for the challenges from Mexico to South America. I believe sometime in the near future, Martin will be traveling to Honduras. If it is the Father’s will for a coalition of sorts to be established, I am sure it will happen. Maria loves that part of the world, and Spanish-speaking people. Victor has the experience to help season Maria. This will more fully develop the gifts God wants her to exhibit for His glory. We will watch and pray if this is the direction God wants us to go. I am finding when we live a life of complete surrender, every encounter serves some sort of purpose.

Maria’s friend Stanly seems to be a delightful young man. His father is a pastor and they have a small church located at their house. We were able to attend a Sunday evening church service that was interesting to me. The primary reason I say that is because Heidi and I hardly understood any of it, since it was all in Spanish. Stanly exhibited great passion and exuberance in his worship to the Lord. We were able to spend a few days with him, and we discovered he was a kind hearted gentle soul. There was an interesting situation that occurred during the church service. I believe by faith the spirit was training me in discernment. A thought popped into my mind concerning an individual. I did not know this person or have any prior knowledge of him. I sensed the direction of my attention towards certain individuals. There seemed to be a undeniable awareness that emerged through this process. I will not go into detail, however it seemed as though the Lord was using my wife and I as a tag team in the situation.

We discussed the Honduras trip in greater detail and we hope to investigate this as an ongoing possibility. The Bible says that the husband and wife become one flesh and we want to understand that to the fullest. There are many more things that happened. Stanly told us that his father was used by God to bring someone back to life after being dead for 2 ½ hours. Also, their family had been ambushed by six men, and Stanly’s father, a pastor, had two guns used to try to kill him, and neither one of them would fire. The interrogators then took a machete to try to cut his neck, and after that a baseball bat. I did not witness these things myself, but I heard them from a first-hand account of a witness. I do not doubt whatsoever that these events happened. With God all things are possible.

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