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Gods Echo In Burundi

Psalm 96:3

"Declare His Glory among the nations, His Wonders among the peoples".

How Awesome it is that when you are busy doing work for the Lord amongst His people in a particular nation, He Blesses us to start another project in another country!! We are so excited and humbled that this has happened to us. God Has opened up the door for Echo to be in Burundi, which by the way is in the top 5 for poorest countries on earth and is located next to Rwanda, Tanzania and the Congo. We have been training many pastors since we started a few months ago. These pastors have come from surrounding villages of Makamba and staying in our Mission House where they are looked after by Echo staff.

Our Pastor Teacher is Jeremiah who has been a friend of mine for over 5 years and we have worked together doing ministry work in Makamba. Jeremiah Manages the Education Centre where we provide life skills at no cost to the poor. This includes Computer skills, Sewing skills, Hairdressing, Soap Making, Welding, English course, Youth and Kids Ministry, etc.. Now he has stepped up to also teach the Pastors in the Echo Building. We pray for wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Spirit to help him as he takes on a role that's full of responsibility. At Echo we take our roles serious, as we are accountable to Jesus for everything we teach onto others.

Jeremiah shared a testimony with me the other day; after the class was done for the day, the pastors got on their knees and began to cry! Jeremiah was shocked and asked what was wrong, in which they replied, we have done many wrongs and saw that we still need to learn a lot. So they all repented of their sins and promised to work harder for Jesus and show extra love to the communities they are from.

Pray we all have this same spirit of acknowledging our wrongs before God & asking for forgiveness so we can focus on whats ahead.

God Bless You

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