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Update 44 - Understanding God's Missions: 2019 3.1

It has been quite amazing how the Father continues to unfold His will for Echo. We are awestruck by how He continues to open up opportunities in different countries. Please read the blogs that Martin has been posting that contain updates. I have not posted in several months, as the Lord Jesus has kept me hidden and did not want me to share what was happening. God has taught us a great number of new revelations and I am trying to implement and understand them. There has been a considerable increase in the number of my dreams/visions. A few of them I can share, but many I cannot right now.

When we are obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can expect to receive massive amounts of spiritual insight. When we are not, it will come to a stop because it is quite necessary for our understanding to be built up layer by layer. If it is not, we are never capable of experiencing the deeper spiritual secrets because our foundation will not support it. I have experienced both sides of this and much prefer massive downloads of information over stagnance. Thank you Lord Jesus for revealing my shortcomings so that I may be more teachable.

The end time harvesters are being prepared, and when they start being revealed, true believers will know their identity. There is a certain group that are being taught specific things even though they do not know each other and are separated by great distances. When they come in contact with one another there is a camaraderie that goes beyond earthly understanding. If you happen to meet one of these individuals, you will know it very quickly. They are always using every opportunity they get to talk about the Lord. You will see the light of Jesus shining through them, something that is extremely rare today. Always, always, test the spirits to make sure you’re not being deceived 1 John 4:1-21.

Satan will be able to mimic some of the Holy Spirits given abilities, much the same as pharaoh's sorcerers did. However, when they become fully revealed, the Father will demonstrate His power on earth as never seen before. John 14;12-14, I choose to believe the words of Jesus. There are many reasons why this gift that Jesus promised us is not realized. Most of it has to do with disobedience and not loving the way Jesus prescribed that we should do. Holiness should be pursued with vigor.. I am not talking works here, because we are entirely saved by grace. But if we truly love Jesus wouldn’t we want to be obedient to His words?

Just so there is no confusion, I am not making a declaration about myself either way. Certain events have given me confirmation for these truths many times.. If I shared these things, they would not be believed, or offense may arise. Either way, it could cause a stumbling block to someone. I have fallen into this trap of Satan several times. The Lord wants us to rejoice in the giftedness of others. He has also shown me how to restrain myself from any words spoken concerning a brother or sister that are not productive. By faith I have come to realize that the Christian community has an unbelievable way of cursing one another without even realizing it.

It is important as the body of Christ that we love and uplift each other, especially in our struggles. Since we cannot change people, we should pray that the Holy Spirit convicts people to obey the Lord. Only when we think we know the solution to solve someone’s deficiency and “Oh, if they would just listen to me they would be closer to God,” this is unwise and should not be practiced. We cannot begin to fathom the sequence of events that God has in store for that person. If we shortcut some of these events, it could actually lead to a person being worse off in the long run. The wise thing to do is let God’s infinite wisdom unfold as He prescribed it. The outcome will always be superior. Our motives and prayers should always be to bring the most glory to our Lord Jesus and that His will would be done. The Holy Spirit is more than capable of nudging us to make the necessary changes in our lives. Only if we are directed by the Holy Spirit to share and it is clearly of God then we can speak on an issue. Most of my life I have shared with people because in my own wisdom I thought I knew the best thing for them. Now that has changed, the outcome now has lead to an increase for God’s glory. He is far more suitable of giving the right experiment at the right time for the right outcome.

Here is a brief example of what I am saying. My daughter Maria was planning on a mission trip to Mozambique for a good portion of the summer. After the arrangements had been made and it was all set, planned, I had a catch in my spirit. At this point, I was quite certain she was supposed to go with us to Africa, and particularly to Jerusalem. Granted Mozambique is next door to Malawi, nonetheless, I sensed she should be with us. I told the Lord, “If this is Your will, You must put a burden on Maria’s heart.” After six weeks or so, she confided in us that she felt she should not go to Mozambique. To my best recollection, I never even hinted about change. When we allow the Holy Spirit to correct the situation, then God receives the glory.

Before jumping to conclusions concerning why we booked the trip in the first place, keep this in mind. Paul had an occasion when he was planning to travel somewhere and the Holy Spirit stopped him. Paul also had occasion when the forces of darkness stopped him. I am not nearly smart enough to explain why God may do such things, however we have clear examples in the Scriptures where plans were changed.

The Holy Spirit has completely redirected the way I pray. Oftentimes in conversations with others, I will stop in mid-sentence and began to pray if I sense the words being spoken are not encouraging and uplifting. Also I will interrupt someone else speaking especially if it is character assassination or unwarranted judgment, and I then pray for that individual. I do this in a polite way and say “This gives us an opportunity to pray for that person,” always according to the Scripture praying for God’s will to be done in their life. This has made a remarkable change in what I say and how I view others. Thank you Holy Spirit for the prompting.

Near the end of May we will be heading back to Africa, which is just a few days away. We will be there for one week before heading to Israel for 12 days. We will be attending Open Heavens prophetic conference put on by Jesus Ministries. I believe that many people in this group have been selected to prepare us for the end times. The Lord has been prompting my heart for over a year now to prepare the warriors. I do not exactly understand why because I am totally insufficient in what I need to know. Nonetheless, the crash course continues on at a feverish pace. I keep marveling at the depth of God’s wisdom. When I begin to dip into the well of understanding it is then that I understand it’s infinince.

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