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Update 49 - Understanding God's Missions 2019: 3.1

Many things have happened since the last report. I have been struggling with how much to share and how much longer should I be blogging. Martin is doing a wonderful job as International director. He eclipses me by a substantial amount in the propagation of God's Echo. With ever-increasing difficulty it is hard to fathom the rapid expansion of Yahweh's work. Isaiah 55; 9 is more real to me than ever. As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I must give all honor, praise and glory to my Lord Jesus. The fact that we are able to participate in His will in several countries is unbelievable. This is proof positive that we serve an awesome King capable of anything. Several of the places that we have been called to participate are very dangerous. Our lord Jesus has raised up mighty servants in these areas to be a witness for Him. We can't even talk about some of the things we do or show pictures. The outcome if we did could actually be loss of someone's life. The respect and gratitude I have for these Warriors, for the King, is very high.

Reading about someone doing these great exploits for a lord Jesus is one thing. Actually knowing them and being part of their daily struggles is another. The opportunity for me to reflect on how far short I fall of being a diligent servant, it pales in comparison to the situations they put their life into daily. We have such a team in Pakistan. What they accomplished with two far surpasses what many would do with 10 or more. I could easily share dozens of pictures and stories of monumental achievements they have accomplished through Christ’s power and authority. Thank you Lord Jesus for having our paths intercept for your Glory.

We are in several countries where Christians are persecuted and killed on a regular basis. I personally believe that my usefulness is nearly completed in Africa, at least Blantyre. That doesn't mean that Echo will not continue there but that my presence will be elsewhere. God has blessed us with a more than suitable facility to reach out in His name in many areas. And I’m excited to see how the upcoming discipleship and children’s programs will unfold.

I will be returning there one more time unless Yahweh directs me different. We have been blessed with equipment that can be used to build many things. I have worked with similar types of equipment for decades. I will be sharing what the Lord has allowed me to learn with a couple of the young men in Blantyre. With the intention that they would share those skills with others.Those young men are Tony and Kelvin and they seem quite interested in learning. My only concern is that the satisfaction that they receive from building things does not interfere with the Master's plan using them to proclaim the good news. Both of them appear to have natural desire and understanding of the equipment and want to master the use of it.

Building things out of creative thoughts in our minds is quite fulfilling. The problem is it can easily lead into prideful attitudes. I state this plainly and clearly because I was subject to such things for many many years and still can be on occasion. Even as I completed projects in Blantyre I privately would anticipate people giving me praise for my work. Forgive me father. The Lord revealed to me when I was doing that and by faith I believe was told resoundingly STOP ! I guess I’m a slow learner in some areas and the Lord went on to prove that later.

I was seeking the Lord in how much He wanted me to share and was reflecting on the ministry of Paul. He had no problem calling people out when they were doing things they shouldn’t. He wrote about the different situations that he encountered and how he, by the Lord’s power, dealt with them. So I was meditating on this before the Lord wondering where some of the experiences I was having comparable to those of Paul. Mind you I am not comparing myself to Paul whatsoever. (Just now.) Soon as I wrote this the Holy Spirit searched my heart and informed me that I kinda was. So I stand corrected. This is the response I got in my spirit, you are dull instead of Paul. I found it quite humorous at first actually laughed out loud. My relationship with Jesus is unique and oftentimes He uses humor on me to make His point.

After a few minutes of time I just realized I’ve been rebuked by the Lord. I have been pondering this many times and have come to the conclusion that Martin is the front runner for the organization. He has been allowed by the hand of God to be in many exciting and unbelievable situations. He is far better suited to be reporting about what God’s echo is doing. I heard a statement the other day that has had quite a profound impact on me.

If you are the hero in the story that you’re telling then you are telling the wrong story.

Every story that we should be telling as servants of our Lord Jesus should always acknowledge the fact that He is the hero. I have looked back at many blog posts and realize that I have failed in making Jesus the hero in each and every one of them. Please forgive me for this for He deserves all the honor, all the glory, and all the praise. I will be writing one more blog, that will be report number 50 marking the two year point when I first went to Africa. I hope Martin will continue the blogging if he feels led by the Holy Spirit to do so. Yahweh has got him very busy traveling all over the globe. One last thought, pray for the 144,000 talked about in Revelation. While we were building a prayer chapel, I believe by faith the Lord wanted the 144 to be prayed for daily in the chapel. Also there seemed to be specific instructions how the chapel should be built. The Lord has made that chapel a special place for us.

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