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It’s Amazing what God Has been doing in Taiwan. We are in Awe of you Jesus & how you orchestrate EVERYTHING! Back in the earliest part of June of 2019 Chris & Heidi went to Israel for a conference, there they met a lady from Taiwan named Victoria. They messaged me and told me they felt this was a God connection and that I should follow up and see what God Does. So I made contact with Victoria and got to speak with her about Taiwan & got to know her. Then I felt Led by the Lord to visit Taiwan after 3 weeks of speaking With Victoria.

In Taiwan i saw a lot of broken individuals, families, sexual immorality, and also within the church there were issues with teachings and lack of biblical understanding. So we decided to start echo love there. After visiting Taiwan a few times , we trained a couple to teach the curriculum and train the youth. As of January 2020, I had approached A pastor friend of mine from Australia to see if he wanted to go to Taiwan to help further the work in other areas. So pastor Marten & Sandy, and their two little boys , prayed and had peace to go. It’s been 9 months now and they have seen a lot of problems , as well as God transformations in individuals and church people. They have been feeding the people in the remote areas, spiritually training pastors, leaders, elders and youth. Also Sandy does art classes for children, teaching them christian songs, and bible stories. They have seen so many break throughs and leading people to the Lord.

One story is of a Buddhist man dying on his bed, so Pastor marten prayed with him, led him to Jesus, he died with peace of knowing Christ, but now that whole family is saved! Even the son who accepted Christ invited Marten to Preach at his company to his Staff! So many break throughs and chains been broken.

Chris, Heidi, myself and others have been praying recently for them to get a visa , and Praise Jesus they got it!!! So now they will be there for another year. Keep them in your prayers as they serve the King, and advance the Gospel to the rich and poor.

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