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Malawi Update

In Malawi God Has been doing many Awesome projects resulting in miracles & souls been saved from death to life! As we have 3 sites in Malawi ranging from Salima to Ntcheu to Blantyre, I will try to summarize it as best as I can, but won’t be able to write all the testimonies as there are so many. Remembering, this is to Glorify God and hopefully encourage you that though this year has been somewhat of a wreck for so many across the globe, God’s Echo is Active and Louder than ever!

The team have been busy with pastoral and leadership training at Salima and Blantyre, with many pastors from different church’s still registering and excited to be able to learn at echo.

Tony has also been leading the team to do new home builds in different villages. One testimony is that of a 15 year old girl who’s parents died. She had to stop going to school and look after her siblings & blind grandma. Their clay home was broken & had only 1 room for them all to sleep in. The team went and built them a new home, blessed her with school fees and other items, then preached the Gospel to them. The small community also came to hear what was happening in which they too heard the good news of Jesus! Now that girl goes to school and is blessed. Also they have built homes for people who are disabled, and those who’s home have completely been destroyed due to weather conditions. This project is such a blessing for us all to be part of, and for the Glory of God to be revealed in people’s lives in those villages.

Also, the team have continued to do reach outs like youth soccer competitions, and so many youth attend to play soccer. At the end our team share the good news of Jesus the

Redeemer, and many accept Christ as their Lord & Saviour. The latest project we did was in Ndirande , which is known for the ghetto area. A lot of young men and woman came to be part of it, and some of the elders told our staff, that no one has done this before for their people in the ghetto.

Also, the team in Ntcheu headed Up by Dali and lumbani have been doing house to house check ups and blessing those in need with groceries , prayer and Bibles. They also have been doing the sewing course training, computer classes, kids ministry & bible studies at the education centre. They too are now building homes with Tony in the poor Ntcheu villages.

We Praise Jesus for the peace on Malawi, as the team is able to do the work of Christ and advance the Gospel further while there is peace.

Isaiah 52:10

The Lord has bared His holy arm

In the sight of all the nations,

That all the ends of the earth may see

The salvation of our God.


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